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We want to make sure the Autistics’ Guide to Adulthood is relevant and useful for autistic adults.

For this reason, the entire development of the project was co-designed through a national survey of autistic adults, a National Advisory Group of autistic adults and a project team of neurodiverse individuals.

Our purpose to make the resource useful doesn’t stop there.

Now that the exciting resource is available to the community, the University of Adelaide will undertake an evaluation of the modules and usability of the online platform to enhance the resources. For this evaluation we are seeking the assistance of participants to trial the Autistics Guide to Adulthood and provide feedback using online surveys.

The evaluation will be occurring between April and November 2023. Participants will be invited to choose a module of interest to them to complete within a two-week period and will receive an honorarium of $100 per a module from The Autistics Guide to Adulthood for their time and effort to complete the module including all module exercises and the research surveys.

Once a module has been completed, participants may be invited to undertake further modules for which they will also receive honorarium.

If you would like more information about the evaluation, contact the lead researcher, Professor Julia Harris at

Follow this link to learn more about the research or to participate in the research.